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October 8, 2018
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October 22, 2018

Which Martial Art is Right,(the Best…)

Fairly often I am asked the question above. Or a variation; which martial art should I choose for myself, my child, and so on. The answer is not simple. All martial arts, as well as martial sports, can give you tremendous benefits far beyond knowing what to do in a fight. You can get in better shape. You can develop more concentration. Confidence. Balance and much more.
Usually, when someone asks where they should go for lessons I suggest they go to every school that is close enough to go to regularly. If a class is too far away, most people will soon stop going. Take a free class, or two. Most schools offer this. That way you can see if the school has the feeling and personality, as well as teacher(s) that you feel comfortable with. Most of the time people are not looking to become a warrior and begin a martial lifestyle.
Most styles will give the student basic self defense skills that they can use in many situations. Most people will, hopefully, never need those skills, anyway, and they will still get all the other benefits!
For me, I would want the ability to know how to take a fall as that can save you even without being attacked. I think that grappling skills are essential in case a fight goes to the ground, but, you don’t need those just to get into shape. I would want skills that can be effective against multiple and armed attackers, but Tai Chi will give you balance and concentration…
If you take a serious interest in boxing you could be quite effective in a confrontation, at least until weapons are involved.
Every different art has different methods for handling certain things. There is not a right, or better one there, either. Just better for you. Most arts can be quite effective, some may be more efficient, some more practical. I would never say that somebody else’s teacher is teaching wrong. There is a reason why they teach a particular way and to denigrate it is only going to serve to confuse the student.
Decide what you want from a martial arts class and then find a teacher that you can learn from. You may be on a journey for life!

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