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October 15, 2018
What you see is not, necessarily, what you get…
November 5, 2018

Using Tools

Human beings are not the strongest, fastest, toughest or longest living species on this planet. How then did we come to be the dominant species. I believe it is our ability to adapt to circumstances, and our ability to use tools. Rather than fangs or claws we use knives, swords and spears. Rather than thick hides and heavy coats of fur, we have clothes and armor. We built our own wings and now fly further than any type of bird. So, why, when we want to train people in self defense, do we teach them to kick, punch and/or grapple as their primary method?
I see self defense courses for women, businesspeople, students and for the elderly that are advocating using anger and striking to handle an assailant. I think that as a first method they should be taught to use tools. Carry and learn to deploy a high powered tactical flashlight and then make a habit of having that in your hand whenever you are in a low light environment. When I teach a self defense course I teach how to use the light as you move away from the line of attack. This is not easy for all, but can be learned. Rather that striking with hands or feet I teach how to use a pen, as well as where and how to carry one. I teach how to use a cane, a book, a purse and many other weapons at hand that most people will have ready access to.
The most primary lesson is awareness. How not to get into bad situations in the first place and how to accept your innate sense when it tells you that something is wrong.
As a matter of last resort I teach how to escape from many common grabs and assaults using hand to hand methods, but first I teach the tools.
If you are interested in this, please visit us at River of Life, we’d love to train with you!

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