What is Aikido?

Aikido is a relatively new martial art that emphasizes harmonious interactions between people and their mental energy, and the taking of an opponent’s balance while maintaining correct posture. While practicing aikido, two people work together to complete a technique rather than fighting against each other. Students learn how to fall, roll, and how to turn and blend with an attacker’s force rather than blocking an incoming strike.

Aikido is a method of self- defense which can be used against any form of attack; it is the discipline of coordinating mind and body to realize all of one’s vital power.In

Aikido, we learn to render an attack harmless with no serious injury to the aggressor. It can be used lethally, however Aikido teaches that it is unnecessary to harm the attacker to prevail.

5 principles of JuJutsu


Mobility & Stability

Do not contest for space

The wave (energy transfer)

The void (kazushi)

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