Bully Stop

In this Jujutsu based class, child and parent will train alongside one another, developing the necessary skills to protect themselves from a bullies attack. Utilizing non-violent Jujutsu games, rolls and calisthenic exercises, students will gain the confidence to stand up to bullies before verbal and physical harassment gets out of control.

This is not only an opportunity to get your child physically active and learn body awareness and control, but to connect with them on higher level. Come try a free introductory lesson.

Class Times

Saturday 9:00am - 10:00am

Kids who take Martial Arts attain

Unshakable Confidence

No other activity can compare with martial arts training when it comes to instilling individual confidence. As a child progresses through our program, his or her increasing confidence enables her to excel in academic performance, reduce peer pressure, deter bullies, and use her skills for non-violent conflict resolution.

Improved Self-Discipline

Parents tell us that one of the main benefits they see from our programs is the improvement in their child’s discipline & self-control. Our staff of professional and patient instructors finds the right balance between fun and discipline, setting clear limits on acceptable behavior. Instructors insist that students maintain this disciplined lifestyle in school and in daily life.

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