April 30, 2018
June 4, 2018


Truthfulness has become such a strained virtue! The media prints stories that are so slanted that they are often false. Politicians lie outright. Worst of all, people lie to themselves.
The samurai was known by his word. He never had to promise. If he said something would be done, it was. In a society where life could be in jeopardy at any moment, one had to be able to depend on their compatriots. To be thought of as undependable was tantamount to being abandoned.
In modern society too many are rewarded for cleverness. To have a good story is to grab attention. Most will never check on the supposed facts, so some can maintain a life built on fabrications.
Those who can be depended on become of true value to us, when , sadly, they should be the norm.
So, where do we start building a life of truth? First, be true to yourself. This seems easy until you try to keep score of your own golf game. It’s too easy to take a Mulligan, or a gimme. It looks much better on your scorecard, but; who at you fooling.
If you’re going to tell someone you will be at a certain place at a certain time, leave early enough to be early!
If you want to be a musician, be prepared to practice. If you give yourself excuses, what are you going to give others.
Many people have great intentions and make promises based on those intentions. Then something comes up and they never show up. Please remember, the people you promised are likely to be counting on you. I have regular seminars and classes where people say they will attend. I have learned that you cannot count on most. Remember your friends will be happier knowing that something prevented you then just wondering what happened.
Perhaps someday Diogenes can end his quest.

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