May 7, 2018
June 11, 2018


Truthfulness has become such a strained virtue! The media prints stories that are so slanted that they are often false. Politicians lie outright. Worst of all, people lie to themselves.
Politeness. Seems like a pretty innocuous idea, but when you’re in a hurry, when you’re upset, when you’re just plain riled; it can go the way of the dinosaur pretty quickly.
So, what is politeness. Some would quote the golden rule; “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Well, that’s not a bad start. I know that I like to be treated nicely, and I don’t mind being nice to others. Still, I think there is more to it.
I’ve heard the idea of treating others in a manner that makes them comfortable. That requires a little more effort. You need to find just what that is, then be willing. I like that idea, though. If you’re willing to make a little effort they may be willing as well.
Politeness requires manners. If you go through a door first, take a moment to see if anyone else is coming and hold the door for them. At least hold it until they have it. Nothing feels quite like having the last person let a door slam in your face as your trying to enter someplace. The great thing is, it only takes a moment. And, forget the sexist stuff: hold the door for anyone.
My motorcycle has a stereo that’s capable of playing very loud. I turn that down when I enter a neighborhood, when I’m at a stop light or sign and when I’m parking. Having someone pull up next to you and sharing their music louder than you can hear yours’ may show off that they can afford a great system, but it’s no fun for anyone else.
There are a lot of things and opportunities you have every day to make others feel noticed and respected. Take the opportunity just like the Samurai would have! You’ll feel better for it and so will the people around you. It can be contagious.

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