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July 2, 2018
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July 16, 2018

What Works When You Need It?

There is always talk about what will work in terms of technique when you are in an actual confrontation. Are you techniques going to be too complicated. Will they require to much precision and fine motor skills? What will you remember?
I have heard trainers say that you will only be able to operate at about 80% effectiveness when you are under pressure.
I say you will be as good as your training! We use techniques to teach principles. If you are thinking that you will remember a complicated technique when you are full of adrenaline, (Actually nor-adrenaline, but that’s another subject…) You may be disappointed. However; if you have trained your techniques enough to use the underlying principles, you will be much better prepared. This means practicing to the point of subconscious skill. You see, when you first learn a skill, you brain creates a pathway for the steps in that skill. As you practice it over and over, you brain will, actually, wrap a substance around that pathway called myelin, that allows for quicker transmission through that pathway, until it becomes so fast you don’t need to think it through any longer. This is why we can ride a bicycle, or drive a car, without focusing on each part of the skill necessary. The skill has gotten to a subconscious level. The subconscious mind is not only faster than the conscious mind, it can do multiples of the operations, at the same time.
So, when you wonder how complicated your skillset can be under duress, think of the fighter pilot who allows his training to help him prevail. Think of the concert pianist, in front of thousands of listeners, who is doing things with his brain and small muscles that are often complicated beyond the belief of someone who has never had such an experience.
In a motorcycle incident where you are suddenly cut off by a motorist too involved in their texting that they almost run right through you, you have to manipulate your bike in very complicated ways in a split second, or get seriously injured. Or worse.
So, your techniques will prove not to be too complicated when you have trained sufficiently, and your principles will supersede those. If you are interested in this type of training, come on out to the River of Life. We’d love to train with you!

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