November 27, 2017
December 13, 2017


When you learn a technique it is important to consider how well it is learned. By this, I mean, to know steps A, B, C and so on if you think about each step, is not knowing the technique sufficiently. In a real attack one does not have the time to think about what each step is. I teach techniques as applications of principles. Our principles are constant. If you consider them in this way, situations may change, they may require different techniques, but the principles remain the same.
When you learn a new technique it helps to write it down and note how the principles are addressed and reinforced by that technique. You will also have a note to look back on for personal practice time. I have dozens of notebooks going back over decades of study!
When you learn a new technique you need to practice it until it becomes, like, a part of you. This eliminates to need to think it out when you need to use it. This will require many, many repetitions. It can be a lot of work, so learn to enjoy the Zen of it!
When you are sufficiently practiced it will appear like magic to someone watching you. Smooth and flowing, utilizing gravity, eliminating the need for strength or speed.
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