The Void
February 12, 2018
Motion and Stillness as One
March 13, 2018


Many articles on self defense talk about one’s posture.
Someone who walks with confidence and looks healthy is less likely to appear to be an easy victim. This is, of course, very true. However: this is just the beginning. Good posture has overall ramifications in one’s health that should be considered.
I, too often, see young people who walk with their head forward and down. This is the first step in bad posture. The head is a fairly heavy object and when it is not held upright it puts a lot of strain on the neck and back muscles. So much so that over the years the back, too, becomes bent. This can be a source of the type of back pain that is very common.
Sitting over a monitor or tablet for long periods can add to this stress on the neck.
When one stands, they should have their hips directly over their ankles, knees relaxed, and their shoulders over their hips with the chest open for more efficient breathing. The neck should be erect and the top of the head striving for height. When standing, the weight should float over both feet, not be planted on one foot or the other.
Try keeping this posture and see if you don’t start to feel better and healthier. You will certainly look it!

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