The Seven Virtues of Bushido
March 26, 2018
April 17, 2018


Last week I wrote about one of the seven virtues of bushido. I’d like to continue in that direction. Another virtue is honor.
Honor can be defined in several different ways. Honor is to hold in high respect, perhaps to be deserving of such. What do we do to deserve the honor of others and of our own self esteem? To live a life of good example may not be enough, but it is certainly a good place to start. Those whom we honor give us a path to follow. That path can continue far past where that person got to. It can serve as a guide for our path. When we venerate one persons path, it is only a start. How much further might you go?
Honor can be a privilege. I often say it is my honor to present my teacher in a seminar the dojo is hosting. Now I get to share that privilege and build on the esteem of a great teacher. Perhaps, someday, it will be someone else’s honor to host you or me.
Honor may be to fulfill an obligation. I honored my debt to the teachers who came before me, who showed me their path, by teaching my students. It is an honor to do so!
In the military an honor is an award given for distinguished service. The medals typically mean that one has gone beyond the call of duty.
A judge is referred to as “Your Honor.” What brought that person to that level of responsibility?
One thing that seems to run through all of these is the fact that we honor those who go the extra mile and do so for others or for the art itself. I think this gives us a terrific model for our lives. Do a little extra. Help others when you can. Study more, practice more. Share it all and someday the honor will be yours.

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