December 13, 2017
January 23, 2018


In this season one’s thoughts turn to giving. In Martial Arts it is better to give than to receive! For this reason we don’t teach defensive techniques. To think defensively is to put yourself behind the action. Some might call this “left of bang.” In other words you wait for an act of aggression and then you react to it.
I advocate taking action the moment you perceive that there might be a problem. That action could be as easy as simply leaving the location.
If an assailant has already begun an attack you could, simply, triangulate their attack and keep moving. I teach this as a preliminary knife defense. The way this would play out in what has become a common terrorist attack, is this: The attacker enters a mob and attempts to stab and slash as many people as possible. If you are not an expert, you are not a paid professional, and you don’t have someone you are responsible to protect, you may use a parry to triangulate the attack away and run in the direction you were going. There is no rule that says you need to try and grab the weapon and wrestle the assailant to the ground. I often see novices being taught techniques to disarm the attacker, and at some point that may be viable, but; not until you have reached a very high level of proficiency in weapon removal.
If you would be interested in learning this; come on in to River of Life.
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