November 27, 2017

First rule of Self Defense

When one goes to a Martial Arts class, or a Self Defense seminar they are often greeted with techniques to be used in response to a particular attack. If the techniques advocate striking the attacker, the following should be an immediate concern:
Are you practiced enough to use the technique.
Are you strong enough to make an impact on a motivated attacker?
Why are you in this situation in the first place.
All of these will be visited in future blogs, and much more! However; today I would like you to think about the first rule of Self Defense. Don’t hurt yourself!
If you are moving; jumping, spinning, striking, kicking, what is your surface. What are you striking, what are you striking with. If you slip and fall, its just as bad as if you have been thrown down. If you execute a magnificent punch, but you break your hand you are still incapacitated. If you use your Martial skills and end up arrested, were you within your legal rights?
All interesting things to consider.
Come on out to the River of Life Martial Arts Center for classes and we will look into this more deeply. Until then: Stay out of trouble!
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